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Superman #14 - You and Me

Superman #14: You and Me

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Author: MajorParadox
Book: Superman
Arc: Falling Stars
Set: 14
Recommended: < Wonder Woman #14

Up North

“Are you cold?” asked Clark as he held Lois in his arms, flying above snowy mountains. His cape was wrapped around her.
“A bit chilly,” she answered. “But, I’ll be fine.”
Clark shot a wide beam of heat vision, warming the air in front of them as they zoomed past.
“Much better,” said Lois. “Thanks.”
So much had changed in such a short period of time. Not only did Lois know Clark’s secret now, but they admitted their feelings for each other. Their kiss in the Daily Planet bullpen, and then again on the Kent farm, were the first of many. They hadn’t exactly told anyone yet- not that they were hiding it- but Perry White had been looking at them funny. He probably suspected something was-
A white and red blur sped past them.
“Whoa, slow down, Krypto,” called Clark. but the dog was already way ahead with no sign of stopping. Looking forward, Clark found him sniffing around his private mountain spot. What’s got you all worked up? he thought.
Krypto whimpered as Clark and Lois landed beside him. Clark looked through the snow and ice to the spot he previously buried his spaceship. Since he told Lois the truth about himself, or since she figured it out- perhaps both applied- he wanted to show her everything. The only problem was it wasn’t there.
“It’s gone… again,” said Clark looking around, dumbfounded. His first thought was Lex, but it was impossible. There were no signs of anyone setting foot in the area. No traces of machinery that would have dug into his hiding spot. Besides, he was certain there were no satellite coverage or other surveillance equipment tracking him on his trips there. He’d spent his whole life learning how to avoid it.
Lois motioned toward Krypto who had given up sniffing and began digging. “He smells something down there,” she said. “Are you sure you have the right spot?”
Clark stared at Krypto’s hole, looking deep beneath. Much deeper than he had ever buried. Odd sounds caught his ear. Numerous tiny reverberations melded together to form a symphony of ambient harmonics. He found the source and gasped. “No way...”
“What is it, Clark?” asked Lois, watching his face move from confusion to curiosity.
“Let’s find out. Step back, please,” he asked. “You too, Krypto,” he added. As soon as they were clear, Clark poured on his heat vision, melting a giant hole in the snow and letting the beam form a tunnel deep into the mountain below. As he let the steam settle, Lois moved to the edge, looking down at a strange, crystalline wall shining brightly with a subtle blue accent.
“What is it?” she asked.
“I’m not sure,” Clark answered. “But it’s the same color as that sunstone I told you about.”
A piece of the wall began moving, leaving a small doorway in its place.
“Looks like it wants us to enter,” said Lois.
Krypto dove down, disappearing into the strange opening and Clark smiled.
“What is it?” asked Lois.
Clark smiled. “Krypto, he’s happy.” He lifted Lois into his arms and dropped the two down, following Krypto’s lead.

Brains of the Operation

Lex Luthor held a white pawn in his hand, studying the chessboard below him. Across from him sat his father, anxiously awaiting his turn.
“We should really play timed games,” his father, Lionel, said.
“Why?” asked Lex. “Is it not better to take your time to make the best move?”
“In life,” replied Lionel, “time is rarely a luxury you have.”
This new version of his father was right. His previous incarnation would have replied with tidbits of advice. Anecdotes that did nothing more than allow Lex to come to his own conclusions. Now, it was more like when he was growing up. Lionel was telling him what he needed to hear.
“You’re right,” said Lex, dropping the pawn beside a black rook.
Lionel smiled as he pushed his bishop down the board. “Mate in three,” he smirked. “There’s nothing you can do.”
Lex exhaled sharply, stood up, and exited the room without looking back. He asked for his father to be more like the real Lionel. He felt it was what he needed. Now he wasn’t so sure. As he returned to his desk, he let his eyes wander to the hidden doorway on the left. The room where his “mother” lived. At least she was perfect. But he didn’t earn her yet. Too much was left unsettled, but not for much longer. He could spend time with his mother once some more obstacles were removed from his path.
“Report,” said Lex aloud after waking up his computer. A reply began typing in green lettering almost immediately.
“We’ve been over this, Brainiac,” said Lex. “First, you complete the tasks I’ve laid out for you. Then, we will discuss the next steps.”
“Trust me,” said Lex. “It’s not the right time. But she’s not going anywhere. You just have to be patient.”
“So does power. Would you prefer the security blocks be reinstated? Push me and you won’t even be able to watch her, let alone speak to her.”
The phone began ringing and Lex powered off his monitor. He pressed a button on the receiver.
“Director Westfield for you,” said Mercy.
“Before I take this, Mercy,” Lex started, “schedule a meeting with Hamilton. I want to tell him personally that he’s off the kryptonite project.”
Lex pushed another button to accept the waiting call and leaned back in his chair. “Paul,” he answered. “What do you have for me?”


The light inside was bright as the crystalline walls of the structure reflected the illumination from uncountable angles. It felt like it should be blinding, but somehow it provided just the right amount, letting Clark and Lois take in the beautiful sights before them.
Large white towers filled the area, some encased in the bluish, translucent crystal walls that made up the place. In the center stood two large statues of a man and woman holding up a globe. At first Clark assumed it was Earth, but the layout of the land masses were completely different. And then it clicked. It was obviously Krypton. And the ones holding it up were his birth parents: Jor-El and Lara. It seemed pretentious, maybe even vain. But there was a simple sort of joy on their faces, a radiant love that transcended the statues, captured in the sly looks the pair shared as they held the burden.
“This is amazing,” said Lois, taking in the sights and unwrapping Clark’s cape from her body. “And it’s warm in here,” she mused, handing the cape back.
Clark felt it too. The bright lights that radiated the ice fort felt refreshing. Like lying in the sun on a hot summer day. He watched as Krypto lied on his back next to him, stretching out his paws.
Welcome, Kal-El,” a voice called out, natural yet almost metallic. “Welcome Ms. Lane.” A row of floating robots hovered toward them. Shiny golden metal covered their small, yet sturdy bodies, topped with a blue visor-like head. As the leading one spoke, patterns of small blips lit up its visor. “*And Kayo- or shall I call you Krypto?- make yourself at home. My name is Kelex. Behind me is Kelor-”
“What is this place?” Lois interrupted.
This sunstone structure has been designated Krypton Base One,” said Kelex. “It is the first of its kind: A colony outpost utilizing the rich, yellow solar radiation this planet has to offer.
“Krypton Base One?” Clark repeated. “Feels more like a fortress to me.”
“Interesting you should say, Kal,” a familiar voice said as the image of a man stepped before them. It was the hologram of Jor-El that had greeted Clark upon entering the sunstone into the ship. “Your mother, Lara, used to refer to my workstation as my ‘Fortress of Solitude.’”
“I like that,” Clark said. “Lois, this is Jor-El, my birth father. Well, an image of him, like an interactive recording from what I can gather.”
“It’s nice to meet you, Jor-El,” said Lois. She turned to Clark. “You’re going to let me write about all this, right? Although, even with what’s already known about you, it still all sounds a bit crazy.”
Kelex’s eyes blinked to life. “What’s crazy about an outpost built within the ice of the Earth’s North Pole, Ms. Lane?” It tilted its head, almost in thought. “With flying robots and talking holograms- I see. Judging by your planet’s sci-fi media, this must all appear quite overwhelming.
“You watch our movies?” she asked.
Why yes, Ms. Lane,” Kelex answered. “My favorite is a movie called ‘Short Circuit’. That Johnny 5 was quite an intriguing character. We have branched out to access systems from around the world. Only so much was known about this planet back on Krypton, it’s very educational to add more knowledge to our data banks.
“Have you seen Jurassic Park?” Clark asked, excitedly. “That’s my fav-”
“Are you serious, Smallville?” Lois shook her head. “You have access to robots from your homeworld, with countless untold secrets, and you’re going to talk about dinosaurs?”
Kelex turned to Lois and then back to Clark. “Yes, Kal, Jurassic Park was quite an adventurous film as well.
Clark smiled. “Lois is right. I guess this just a lot to take in. Tell us more about Krypton.”
Kelex turned around, floating away. “Follow me into Archives,” he said. The other robots floated away in another direction.
“Bye, robots,” said Clark, waving. He and Lois followed Kelex into an adjacent room where they were greeted by another hologram.
“Lara,” said Clark, smiling at the woman welcoming them into Archives.
“Hello, Kal,” she answered, returning his smile. “It’s good to see you.”
“Lois,” said Clark, almost in a daze. It had been a strange day. “This is Lara, my birth mother.”
“Welcome, Lois,” she said, joyfully.
“Uh, thank you for having us,” she said back. The day must have been just as strange, if not stranger for her.
“I’m sure you have many questions, Kal,” Lara offered, eagerly awaiting her son’s requests.
“Yes,” he started. “Tell us about Krypton.”

Bizarre Results

“Why did you come here, Lex?” asked Paul Westfield as he and Lex headed down a long hallway of the Project Cadmus facility.
“I have to see it for myself,” Lex answered.
Paul swiped a badge over a panel to the right of a large metal door, clicking it up. “After you,” he offered, moving his hand forward. “Remember, it’s a bit unsettling.”
Lex walked into the large room, glass tubes lined around the walls, monitors measuring vitals and streaming data were positioned to the left of each. Several scientists in lab coats looked up from their work at the bald businessman’s entrance. One in particular put on a big smile.
Wearing brightly colored clothes accentuated with leopard print, Dr. Serling Roquette waved Lex and Paul over. “Welcome back, Mr. Luthor,” she said. Another younger scientist with the name Spence on her badge, stood to the side.
“Is this it?” asked Lex studying the glass tube in front of him. An unconscious figure stood upright within. Its skin was ghost white, small blocky bumps covered its face and a black jumpsuit hiding what appeared to be more of the same over the entire body.
“Yes, pretty little guy, huh?” said Dr. Roquette. “Well, maybe not little, he’s roughly 6’4’’.”
“Why does he look so… strange?” asked Lex.
She shrugged. “Well, remember our previous discussion about Kryptonian DNA? It’s amazing we got this far. But I wouldn’t call it a failure, the amount we learned-”
“Failure?” asked Lex. “Ignoring its grotesque appearance, is it one of them? Powers and all?”
“From what we can determine in our tests, he appears to have similar capabilities to Superman, sir, but his mental capacities- he’s not all there inside.”
“Not quite,” Dr. Roquette shook her head. “But, definite signs of learning disabilities, the extent of which we can’t be sure in his current state.”
Lex continued scanning the odd being in front of him. “So, we need to wake him up?”
“Not a good idea,” said Paul, cutting in before Serling could open her mouth again. She and Dr. Spence shared a look. “There’s no good indication any of our subliminal commands are ingrained. Once he’s awake, there may be no stopping him.”
“Your recommendation, Paul?”
“Terminate the project, unfortunately. Learn what we can, but Kryptonian DNA, like Dr. Roquette explained, is a whole other ballgame. It may take a lifetime for us to understand.”
Lex allowed the smallest of smiles to form. “Sometimes you have to run before you can walk. Wake him up.”
Director Westfield’s eyes widened at the order. “We can’t do that, Lex.”
“Sure you can. And let’s not pretend you’re going to convince me otherwise. If you had a say, this project would never have made it this far. Must we get Donovan involved again?”
Dammit,” cursed Paul under his breath. He took a deep breath and lifted his finger. “Amanda,” he ordered Dr. Spence, “Get Jim in here with three security teams.”
“Will do,” she replied, heading to an intercom at the door.
“If this backfires,” said Paul, “You better rethink your annual contribution.”
“Believe me,” Lex smirked, his right hand dropping into his pocket. “I have this all under control.”
The doorway to the room opened and a crowd of security officers stepped in, led by a man in a gold and blue uniform. He was carrying a shiny golden shield, wrapped around his wrist. A similarly colored helmet rested between his other arm and side as he extended his hand.
“Mr. Luthor,” the man said. “Jim Harper, codename: Guardian, Head of Security for Cadmus Labs. Nice to meet you, sir.”
Lex shook the man’s hand, visibly impressed by the grip.
Guardian dropped his helmet onto his head, latching it over his chin. He pointed to three sides of the room, several of the men taking positions and training their weapons on the soon-to-be-opened tube. “Ready,” said Guardian.
Paul sighed. “Go ahead,” he ordered.
Dr. Roquette typed away on the monitor by the tube. The sound of draining liquid was quickly combined with a rushing of air. The white creature’s black hair blew against the back of the tube as drops of liquid dried away from the rest of his body. The air cut out and the tube cracked open with a thud.
The being reeled in place as he opened his eyes. “Argmmmmm,” he growled, dropping to the floor.
Serling moved over to help him up, but Paul pulled her back. “SM-2,” Paul started, “Alpha Bravo Airplane Locomotive. Respond.”
Argmmmmm,” the creature said again, standing up while trying to maintain a balance.
“What is your name?” asked Paul, which just got a stare in response.
Lex stepped forward, staring into the being’s violet eyes. “My name is Lex Luthor,” he said. “Who are you?”
Argmmmmm,” he responded. “Argmmmp mn. Meees rmmp man. Meeee srrrprmn
“That’s right!” shouted Serling. “You’re Superman!” The eyes of the room fell on her. “Well, kind of,” she added.
“It appears his false memories are there,” said Lex. “He’s just having a hard time articulating his thoughts.”
He approached closer, dropping a hand on “Superman’s” shoulder, but in a quick motion, Lex was grabbed by his shirt and thrown across the room. Guardian leapt into the air, catching him. “Open fire!” he ordered.
The security guards shot at the creature from all directions, leaving him to cower down, his hands covering his head as bullet bounced off. A shriek escaped his lips as he jumped from guard to guard crushing each rifle in his hand and knocking them as far away as he could.
“Stop!” yelled Paul, everyone calming down for a moment, including the being who eyed everyone in the room suspiciously. He sped toward the door, ripping it open, but then stopped suddenly before he could complete its destruction.
“Calm down,” Lex said confidently, now standing behind the creature. A pleasant green glow radiated from his right fist. On his finger was a ring, housing a green, glowing rock, shaped into a jewel.
The being looked closer, mesmerized by the light. He moved his eyes to meet Lex’s. “You am Lex Lutherrr,” he said. “Me am Superman.”
He pushed Lex back, returning to the door, peeling it open as Guardian lunged at him, wrapping his shield-covered arm over the creature’s neck, but he was pulled off and thrown into a row of approaching security guards. Once the rest of the door was broken down, he disappeared from view in a flash.

The Others

“The energy within Earth’s yellow sun is far more powerful than its culture currently understands,” explained Lara. Lois and Clark sat on some white, crystalline chairs sculpted into the facility’s structure. While they looked like they’d be uncomfortable, Clark was impressed. Lois even joked about taking one back to her apartment. Or, at least he thought she was joking.
Krypto lied on the floor between them, a miniature robot circling about, letting him swat his paws at it. Every so often it would shoot into the air and speed away, prompting the dog to chase after it.
“Krypton relied heavily on kryptonite for its energy purposes,” Lara continued, “but there was a growing movement against it. The process of creating it left our environment in an unsustainable state. Kryptonite poisonings were increasingly commonplace and the planet’s core began suffering irreparable damage. That is why we had to evacuate, but that presented its own problems.”
“How so?” asked Lois.
“Space travel was still deemed forbidden by the Science Council. A leftover fear from a long-passed era in Kryptonian history. ‘Very unscientific,’ as Jor would say. He and others fought to change it, but that didn’t come quickly enough. Luckily, his work on spaceships and solar-powered bases awarded our family an opportunity to escape Krypton’s fate. Given more time, we would have set up outposts all over the galaxy. Multiple colonies given a chance to prosper. But things progressed more quickly than anticipated. Riots broke out; violence and death became the new norm. We had to get away.”
“Is Krypton still there?” asked Clark. “Could there be other survivors?”
Lara’s eyes dropped. She didn’t want to say it.
Clark felt her pain, which still mystified him. She and Jor-El were dead, yet somehow these representations of them were so lifelike. Part of him suspected it was just a fancy mimicking of emotion, but he couldn’t allow himself to ignore his natural empathy. Instead, he returned to something she said earlier.
“The fear you mentioned,” he said. “What was it to cause such a reaction that lived on so long? I mean, everything else about them- about us, sounds so… logical.”
Lara nodded. “You’re right, Kal. Before Krypton, we all lived on a planet named Argo, but it was terrorized by a ferocious entity from the stars that was named only as ‘The Beast’. It forced an evacuation, taking our people to Krypton. Since then, there had always been innate fear of other worlds. One that attributed to our destruction.”
“Kara mentioned ‘The Beast’ before,” said Clark, “but I thought it was a fairy tale. You know, made up for children?”
Lara shook her head. “It was a story we told our children so none would ever forget. It was the greatest threat we had ever faced in our recorded history. Other than our final days, of course.”
“But those like Jor-El,” Lois interjected. “They were trying to change things? Outposts like this ‘Fortress’?”
“That is correct,” said Lara. “Unfortunately, they were too late.”
“It’s all so similar,” said Lois. “The energy concerns. Earth suffers from its own problems, many are saying we’re headed in the same direction as Krypton.”
Yes,,” said Kelex. “Luckily many of this planet are more actively working to fix the problem. The closest my research has revealed was an Earthling named Ted Kord,” Kelex continued. “His SunKord prototype far exceeded the current technological advancements in solar energy on the planet, yet it didn’t even scratch the surface of the potential. However, it appears it ended in disaster. Such a shame.
“Wait a minute,” said Clark. “You said this before, you can access other systems on Earth?”
Correct, Kal,” Kelex confirmed. “The rudimentary protocols were easy to decipher. The more difficult task was tieing into satellite relays while remaining invisible. I’m pleased to state I was successful.”
Clark looked at Lois, who returned with a smirk. She was obviously thinking what he was thinking.
“Kelex,” he started. “Can you access LexCorp Tower’s private servers? We believe Lex may have been involved in sabotaging the SunKord, but has been doing a good job keeping the evidence hidden.”
Interesting you bring up LexCorp Towers,” said Kelex. “I have encountered another Kryptonian signature there, although it doesn’t respond. There is something quite odd about it.
“Maybe he has more Kryptonian tech he didn’t return,” Clark wondered aloud. “But is that something you can access?”
Kelex tilted sideways a bit. “It seemed ingrained within the systems, making it difficult to query, but I can make more *forceful attempts. It should be noted it wasn’t the only Kryptonian signature I’ve encountered on Earth.*”
“Kara’s ship?” asked Lois.
Clark nodded. “That makes sense, right Kelex?”
Kelex bobbed back and forth slightly, almost mimicking Clark. “Correct, Kal-El, but those systems appear to be in stasis. However, I’ve also encountered a similar broadcasting signal to my own, almost as if I’m mirroring my requests against myself, which may account for the oddity. Perhaps there is some form of Earth protocol I’ve overlooked, but I will continue to investigate.
Lois smiled. “This alien fortress of yours may just come in handy, Smallville.”
“Yeah, it’s something else,” Clark agreed. “Can you give us a full rundown on its capabilities?”
As you wish, sir, but I think you’d be interested to know, I am detecting quite the chatter going on in Metropolis. News reports confirm some type of ‘monster’ causing a ruckus.
Clark stood up quickly. “Can you show me?” he asked.
A newsfeed appeared in between them, holographically projected into a two-dimensional image. A white-skinned creature in a black jumpsuit was tearing apart cars in its path, tossing the pieces to the side as their passengers scrambled away as quickly as possible.
“That thing is just- bizarre,” said Lois. “It kind of looks like you, though, Clark.”
“I have to get back,” said Clark, eyes aghast. “Sorry, Lois, I can return much faster on my own. Will you be OK here?”
Lois sighed. “Just go,” she said.
Clark disappeared in a blur, heading toward the tunnel they entered.
Lois looked at Kelex. “Can you keep this feed going?” she asked. “Maybe give me other angles and reports? And what about access to my computer at the Daily Planet?”
Kelex nodded. “Certainly, Ms. Lane,” he said. “Voice activated or would you like me to fashion you a holographic keyboard?
“The keyboard sounds great,” she answered. “And is there any way you can make me some coffee?”

Why Are We Fighting?

A large burst of red energy exploded in the middle of the street, melting away a large portion a nearby storefront. The white creature marched inside, moving past several costumes on display, ranging from Spongeblub to Wonder Woman. The sprinkler systems had activated, dirty, stagnant water drenching the clothes in the costume shop A Superman costume near the front got the worst of it, the colors running, resulting in turning the blues and reds into different shades of purple.
Me am Superman!” he shouted as he grabbed the morphed costume while pulling off his current black clothes. The white, odd scarring was revealed to cover his entire body.
“I’m sorry,” said Clark landing at the burnt entrance to the costume shop. He blew away the remaining flames. “But I’m the only Superman around. Where did you come from?”
The naked doppleganger stared closely. “Me?” he asked, growling. He pulled the shirt of the costume over his head, the inner stitching visible and the S symbol showing up backwards, and then proceeded to the pants. As he brushed the cape behind him, he shrieked. “No me!” he yelled charging toward Clark.
Clark grabbed onto his attacker’s back as he made contact, flying the two out of the store, high above the buildings. He dropped his fists, making the strange visitor release his grip. Clark floated backwards, taking the opportunity to scan his the strange being.
“You seem Kryptonian,” said Clark, moving his survey to the surrounding areas. The damage was intense, but nobody was hurt, luckily. “Were you sent here from Krypton too?”
A beam of heat vision shot toward Clark, knocking him back until he crashed into an office window. “Please vacate the area,” he called, as everyone ran for the doors. Clark looked back outside to see his attacker smashing apart another car. He growled at the driver, but let him run away screaming.
“Lois was right,” he said. “This guy is bizarre.”
Bizarrrrrrrrr-” the creature copied from outside.
“Oh,” said Clark. “You have super hearing too?” He dropped down into the creature’s path.
Bizarrrrrrr- o.
“Bizarro?” Clark asked. “Is that what you want to be called?”
The creature sneered, moving its gaze to a building down the street. He launched into the air toward a window-washing scaffolding. Two men were frantically trying to get the thing moving.
“We have to get out of here!” one of them yelled.
“Damn metahumans!” the other added.
Bizarro flew straight for them, Clark following along, pouring on his speed. “Bizarro, stop!” he yelled, but he just got a growl in return.
Reaching the men, Bizarro grabbed them out of the scaffolding and kept flying.
“Oh god,” cried Clark, pushing harder. He got right behind him, but the creature headbutted him backwards, making Clark lose his momentum.
Bizarro arced upward until he was over a roof, lowering gently and letting the window washers hit the ground running. “Save,” he said.
Save? Did he think he just saved those men?
Clark watched as Bizarro dropped back to the street, landing in the path of an oncoming vehicle. He reached his hands out, grabbing it off the ground. Did he think he was rescuing the driver?
Before he could demolish the car, Clark wrapped his arms around Bizarro’s chest and flew him straight up. He held tight, crushing away attempts at struggling.
Rrrrrrrrargh!” Bizarro cried. He flew sideways, throwing off Clark’s trajectory. And then to the other side, quickly switching to a back and forth sway until Clark couldn’t hold on any longer, letting his prisoner break free. With a kick, Bizarro pushed away and flew off into the distance.
“Damn, this guy is like a giant toddler,” said Clark, following in his path.
Bizarro activated his heat vision, turning around mid-flight, the beam slicing through buildings.
Clark’s eyes widened at the destruction, bracing for impact. It hadn’t hit any bystanders yet, but better to let it hit him than risk anyone else. It knocked him back as Bizarro sped forward. Fists flew swiftly, as he was pushed down into the pavement, nonstop pummelling keeping him from moving.
Fake Superman! Bizarro yelled, continuing his onslaught.
A roar of barking filled the area, causing Bizarro to let up and watch as a flying dog came soaring through the sky toward them.
Doggy?” Bizarro asked, his confused eyes staring at the growling creature suddenly standing over his owner.
Bizarro’s scowl finally faded into a smile. “Doggy,” he said again, lowering to Krypto’s level.
Clark leaned up, studying his foe’s change in demeanor. “Stand down, Krypto,” he ordered and the dog backed up behind his master. “You want to play with the doggy, Bizarro?”
Bizarro smiled. “Bizarro play doggy.

What Is He?

Superman and Krypto landed at the fortress entrance, quickly followed by Bizarro.
“What happened?” asked Lois, rushing toward them. She stepped close to Clark while looking over the odd doppelganger eyeing her back.
Me am Superman,” he said, sneering.
“You too, huh?” Lois asked dryly.
Clark looked Bizarro in the eyes, getting a confused tilt in response. “Now, we’ve been over this, I’m Superman. You are Bizarro.”
Me… am Bizarro,” he replied.
“‘I am Bizarro’,” Lois corrected.
Clark shook his head. “I think that may just confuse him. Better to save grammar lessons for another time.”
Bizarro knelt down to pet Krypto, who was circling his feet. “Bizarro doggy,” he said.
Lois turned her attention to Clark, eyebrows raised.
“I’m not quite sure where he came from, Lois,” he shrugged. “But Krypto seems to have calmed him down.”
Welcome back, Kal,” said Kelex, floating over to greet him.
“Thanks, Kelex,” Clark replied. “This is Bizarro, at least that’s what I’m calling him. He appears to be Kryptonian. Is there anything you can tell me about him?”
Kelex floated over and shone a bright light over Bizarro, getting a slight growl in return. “Fascinating,” he said. “You are correct, Kal, he is Kryptonian. Or at least, he seems to be. Essentially, he appears to be you, Kal, but not quite. I’m not sure what I’m looking at.
“And the mystery deepens,” said Lois.
Jor-El,” called Kelex, the hologram of Clark’s birth father instantly materializing next to him. “Can you make sense of this guest of ours?
Jor-El’s simulated brow tensed. “Kal, where did this being come from?” he asked.
“I have no idea, Father,” he answered. “I was hoping you could tell me.”
“From where, I cannot say, Kal. All I can tell you it appears there was genetic manipulation at hand. And it was less than successful at duplicating your identity.“
“Are you saying Bizarro is a clone of me?” Clark looked to his counterpart.
“Yes, Kal,” answered Jor-El. “Or at least a failed attempt at one.”
“This is nuts,” said Clark, lifting a finger to his chin. “How can we find out who did it?”
Lois approached Bizarro, who was still playing with Krypto. “Bizarro,” she said. “Where were you before you started fighting cars?”
Cars bad,” he answered, not even looking up.
Lois sighed and glanced at Clark. “This is going to take a while.”

Caves of Cadmus

“Sure you don’t want any coffee, Clark?” Lois asked, tilting her paper Sundollar coffee cup at him. The two knelt over in some grass up on a hill overlooking a rather large storm drain. The metal bars were bent apart, the opening boarded up. The info they were finally able to get from Bizarro, about where he came from, brought them to the outskirts of Metropolis. And the damaged drain only confirmed there was a connection.
“No thanks, Lois,” said Clark, taking a sip of his “Biggest” Soder Cola. He wiped a spot off his lightblue, button-down shirt.
“I don’t think anyone’s coming back out here,” said Lois. The hope was somebody would come by to repair the damage, at least make it look a little less suspicious. If there was some secret down there, questioning a maintenance worker could be a good start. However, the longer they waited, the less likely it seemed anyone was coming.
“Let’s just go inside,” she said. “See what we can find.”
Clark shook his head. “I don’t think that’d be a good idea, Lois. Even with my senses, those tunnels are a maze. Lead piping makes it hard to see and the flooding in there washed away any other clues. Let’s give it a little longer; if they’re this secretive about their activities, they’d want to hide any signs of metahuman activity.” He reached into a Big Belly Burger bag and pulled out some fries. “So, is this like our first official date?” he asked.
“This is a stakeout,” Lois sighed. “Besides, our first date was obviously the wedding in Smallville.”
Clark chuckled. “But you told me that wasn’t a date when you invited me.” He couldn’t help but smile at Lois’s annoyed reaction. Sometimes it was fun to call her out on things.
Almost as if she could read his mind, she winked. “That was before we had such a great time together,” she smiled back. She was good.
Lois sighed and stepped up, moving toward the drain. “You can continue waiting, Smallville, but I’m going in.”
“Wait,” Clark said, suddenly in front of her, his hand motioning her to stop. Someone was approaching from the other side.
The wooden paneling covering the damaged drain pipe crashed apart and a man jumped out. Rather tall, he was skinny, yet well-defined. He wore faded blue jeans and a sweater, the hood partially covering his blonde hair.
“Excuse me,” said Lois, rushing down to him. “Lois Lane, Daily Planet, can you tell me-”
Lois’s heartbeat increased dramatically as she stopped mid-sentence and Clark was by her side a moment later.
“Lois?” he asked, a look of horror spread over her face.
She shrieked, crouching to the ground, her hands covering her head.
Clark turned to the hooded stranger. “What are you doing to her?!” he yelled.
The man stared Clark down, not saying a word. He could feel his blue eyes piercing into his mind. Ignoring the sharp pain in his head, Clark grabbed him, pushing him against an intact portion of the drain. A moment later he was gone and Clark was alone.
Where did everyone go? he thought, looking around and realizing his entire surroundings had changed, replaced with a blurry fog of nothingness. Where did I go? The area clarified and Clark saw bodies laid all around him. A scent of blood overtook him as he looked closer. They were all dead. Over in the corner, familiar faces caught his sight.
No,” he said quietly, not letting himself believe what he was looking at: His parents, Ma and Pa Kent, they-
-Not real, a voice called in Clark’s head. Come back, it added.
Suddenly Clark was back at the storm drain. Lois looked better, yet still disturbed, and there was a strange, grey-skinned person with yellow horns standing between them. “Wh-who are you? Where did that hooded guy go?”
“My name is Dubbilex,” he answered. “I’m a DNAlien.”
Lois shook off her daze and approached Dubbilex. “A what?
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Team Build for WKO regionals

Hey all, I've never played truly competitive against people, and have done some reading about the current trends for some of the more successful teams. Ultimately though, I only have what I have, and don't want to have to turn to Ebay to recreate a specific very successful team.
So here we go: BACs: Blink-transmutation Dimension door.
Tsarina - 4 paladin - Master Lords - 3 Firestorm - Jason +Ronnie - 2 Krypto - Here Boy! - 2 Wasp - Founding avenger - 3 Punisher - McRook - 3 Superman - Determined -2 Magneto - Magnetic Monster - 1
The thinking was to make a team that could respond to a lot of the turn 3 teams, and come in swinging. These days Tsarina isn't a fast win condition (like GG teams,) so the focus would be wasp/magneto to protect myself and slow some ramp. If it's a gobby team, Paladin comes next. The middle game/once they're slowed would be tsarina and firestorm, with wasp as an early form, mcrook for even more strong defense from anyone big guns or people I can/should target. Superman and krypto are there because a) It's a fucking dog, and b) The ironwill+ramp+krypto comes in free means I'm ramping without giving the option to the opponent (ie resurrection/pxg) while also hitting with more of firestorms lightning damage (from krypto.)
So the win condition would be Tsarina first, but firestorm and the 3 bolt characters (1 defense, 1 giant slayer, and 1 free to field,) can also help speed up the process.
Other versions of this included spidergirl pheremones (more unblockable damage and clearing,) Aquaman arthur curry (make himself and firestorm cheaper to buy,) and/or Beast - Bouncing blue beast, for some possible life regen.
I'd appreciate any thoughts. Sorry for the long text wall, just wanted to try and explain my thinking (and again, these are all cards that I have, as well as cards I have with enough dice. I do have the paragon wizard also, but it seemed redundant with wasp and magneto.) The BACs are trying to use the masks for defense, and if i'm facing a wall I can still cause some damage. And the dimension door is both for superman to be able to directly hit for a good swing, as well as put him back in used ( then bag,) for more krypto churning.
Because my early team is defensive, and I'm not bringing ramp, I can fall back to early tsarina damage and with defense as needed to follow.
Thanks for all the help!
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Note: This is for the Prime universe Ben Tennyson. To visit for his Reboot counterpart: See here. Benjamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson is the titular main protagonist of the Ben 10 franchise. He was a normal ten-year-old kid until he found the Omnitrix, a powerful watch-like device that allowed him to turn into various different aliens. Though initially immature and clumsy, he grew to be a true hero 1INCH ACXT BADGER BTC BNB COPE DOGE DOT ETH FTT KSM TRU OKB OXY RAY REN ROOK SHIB SOL SRM SUSHI XCH. Moon / Dive Ratio ( Number of BTC Tokens) MOON%(0) Tokens Sold. DIVE%(0) Tokens Sold. BTC Price (24h Change) : NaN(NaN%) Moon. Dive. Last Update (UTC) : 2021-06-21 02:36:14. Last Price. 0. High Level Security BitGo multi-signature technology 95% of assets in cold storage Encrypted personal Buttercup is the middle of the three Powerpuff Girlsand one of the three main protagonists of The Powerpuff Girls franchise. Her main color is green. Among the girls, Butterup was named second. In the original of The Powerpuff Girls, she was voiced by Elizabeth Daily who also voices Tommy Pickles, Rudy Tabootie, and Shorty. In German, she's dubbed by Ilona Brokowski, who dubs Barbie. In the qq音乐是腾讯公司推出的一款免费音乐服务,海量音乐在线试听、最流行音乐在线首发、歌词翻译、手机铃声下载、高品质音乐试听、正版音乐下载、免费空间背景音乐设置、mv观看等,是互联网音乐播放和下载的首选

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